Constitution de la Fédération de Russie de 1993, dans la rédaction du 4 juillet 2020

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  1. Fritz Lenze says:

    Madame, Sir,
    This is to inform you of a finding in Le Bilan du Monde, edition 2021, pp. 116-117, where Benoît Vitkine mentions adoption of the “new Constitution” on 20 July 2020. As a resident in the UN City of Geneva remembering a former Secretary General, Boutros Boutros Ghali, proclaiming the Decade of Primacy of International Law, I was curious about Vitkine’s point that the new Constitution reaffirms the primacy of the law of the Russian Federation. My current field of research interests including the issue of how a federal architecture impacts respect and protection of the human rights of citizens and residents, I came across Part I, Chapter 3,
    article 79 and wonder whether you would object to the journalist’s interpretation which if I get it correctly is guided by the international law principle of primacy of international law . Would your experts argue that the Constitution of your country is basically in line with the 1958 Constitution of the Republic of France? As you may see I am not an expert in constitutional law, it is evident,
    however, that the wording highlights primacy of rights and freedoms of the individual and the citizen as laid down in the Constitution……

    I’d appreciate your response and remain with best regards

    Fritz Lenze

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